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Who are we? We can assure you that we are a group of people who have randomly met Benjamin. Precisely, we are a group of Christians, protestants, and Catholics, who happen to live in the same place as Benjamin. One part of the group is from the protestant church that Benjamin regularly attends, and the other part of the group is from Beersheba, a catholic hosting community that provides Benjamin accommodation. Being in this situation, we are trying, on one hand, to be there for Benjamin at least as his family. On the other hand, we are aiming at assisting him in divers ways until he is healthy enough to return to his home country, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Why are we doing this?       For a while, Benjamin’s health has been a major problem as he is suffering from kidney failure, and here in Belgium, finding a kidney donor could take on average two years. To take care of this condition, Benjamin has undergone kidney dialysis at Namur medical center for the last 6 years and a half, but his immigration status does not permit him to be on the kidney transplant list. However, we are capable of finding a voluntary kidney donor. In fact, we have found two donors, but the cost is too high given Benjamin’s immigration status.       Benjamin’s immigration status does not bother us at all, given the fact that this situation happens all the time to people wanting to migrate to Belgium. But we are very touched by the manner Benjamin has gracefully dealt with many aspects of life. For instance, despite the problem of being away from his family for so long, of his immigration status, and of all the difficulties that happen in live, Benjamin always has this positive attitude about life. At any rate, Benjamin has been calm despite all this, knowing that his fortune is in the hand of other people, and with your help, you can be one of those people.
One kidney for  Benjamin
  Make your donations to account number Diaconie Epub       Eglise Protestante Unie de Belgique / Namur:   BE04 3404 3483 0931 ( swift code for ING Bank BELGIUM: BBRUBEBB)  ING Bank address: Rue des croisiers 50, 5000 Namur Belgium
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 Give with the heart
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             Benjamin  is defended by                Master Alexis Deswaef               Of the Brussels Bar and   President of the League of Human Rights                          in Belgium  
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