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Who is Benjamin Lwabanji ?


-lives in Andenne, chaussée de

Ciney 33/11 Belgium

-arrived in Belgium December,

22th 2009 .

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Beersheba Andenne

chaussée de Ciney, 33/11 5300 Andenne

Benjamin Lwabanji

Born in Congo (Zaire) on

june 26th 1966

Married with three children, two girls 16 and 12 years old and a boy of 11 years, all living in Congo with their mom. Worked for 17 years in Congo in the field of aviation. Then, following a call, especially an appeal to do something else, left his first job and joined the American NGO, TIFIE HUMANITARIAN, whose mission was to help villagers in Bandundu province, located in the western part of Congo, to transport their agricultural products to major consumption centers
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