Give with the heart One kidney for  Benjamin Faire un don
  Make your donations to account number Diaconie Epub       Eglise Protestante Unie de Belgique / Namur:   BE04 3404 3483 0931 ( swift code for ING Bank BELGIUM: BBRUBEBB)  ING Bank address: Rue des croisiers 50, 5000 Namur Belgium
        Besides cash donations, services of any kind are also welcome.      If you are an individual, an association, or a business, you could, for example:    - offer the anti-rejection for a month, a year as a pharmacy    - donate services, advice to this project as a surgeon    - organize a sponsored walk as a school    - plan a concert, a show, a conference as a service club    - create a soccer tournament, tennis, followed by a barbecue as a sports club    - or you could do like the members of the support group of this project who volunteer their         time to get to various meetings.
Make your donations using Diaconie Epub account number:         BE04 3404 3483 0931    From other countries than Belgium, make your donations using the following ING Bank BELGIUM  swift code: BBRUBEBB Bank Address:  Rue des Croisiers 50, 5000 Namur
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