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Epub Namur : Eglise protestante Unie de Belgique Namur
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  Make your donations to account number Diaconie Epub       Eglise Protestante Unie de Belgique / Namur:   BE04 3404 3483 0931 ( swift code for ING Bank BELGIUM: BBRUBEBB)  ING Bank address: Rue des croisiers 50, 5000 Namur Belgium
                        Parish of Namur. La paroisse de Nam                            In 1830, the Belgium's revolution led to the departure of the Dutch garrisons, which practiced Protestantism. Residents of Namur practiced this kind of Christian faith in which, for instance, teachings in the Bible alone, rather than sacred traditions, are the highest authority in matters of faith and morals. Now that there were places to worship, a handful of residents of Namur started meeting in private homes to continue that type of worship. Gradually, however, the protestant church was organized in Belgium while at the end of the 19th century, the Belgian Missionary Christian Church and its parishes were created under the supervision of a consistory. In principle, in this setting, the word of God was spread by missionaries.     In 1858, the first official pastor, Mr. Leopold Levasseur, began a ministry in Namur. In 1894, a land on Harbatte Boulevard was acquired to build the first church, which was inaugurated on October 18, 1896. The church did not survive the two world wars, as in May 1940, an aerial attack, targeting the Namur station, damaged the church buildings. As a result, the church had to be destroyed.     In 1947, the construction of the church began with the help of a volunteer team of inmates from the prison of Namur. Dedication of the new church happened on November 23, 1947. The church community developed various activities including a program to help unfortunate people, a choir, and a formation of preachers to support pastoral missions. In 1968, an interfaith meeting with our friends from the Catholic church, called Les Midis de la Bible, took place. Another fact to point out is that the Parish of Namur started a regular chaplaincy at the prison of Namur. Over time, the number of people from different nationalities, attending the church, has increased, and this has made our festival meetings colorful.    In 2008, we celebrated the 150th anniversary of our parish and this wonderful adventure is still on.
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