Give with the heart One kidney for  Benjamin Faire un don
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Financier goal
Our objective is very specific: the objective is to collect a total amount of money estimated by,  Saint-Luc Bruxelles for following: -initial consultation for the kidneytransplant. -kidney transplant procedure include sampling kindney to familly member. -one-year follow-up and means of covering the cost of anti-rejection drugs for one year. This objective is measurable according to the estimation cost prescribed by the hospital, Saint-Luc Bruxelles: -63,000 euros ( excluding the cost of the hospital room) -920 euros to cover the annual cost of the anti-rejection drugs before returning home, (DR Congo), hoping to find there a job This objective could be attainable because of your generosity. The process of pre-consultation and the actual procedure for transplant will start whenever the fund is available.
Evolution in percentage
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