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Medical goal
The more the wait, the more the chance to succeed becomes slim . We now know that the more the wait in the case of dialysis, the more it jeopardizes the success of the transplant in the future. Logically, transplants that work best (and the longest) are those that were done soon. Le best treatment for most renal failure in terminal stage is done through kidney transplant. However, kidney transplant is an alternative to prolong life. It turns out that the benefits of kidney transplant compared to dialysis are evaluated in terms of quality of life and the economics of public health and the gain of survival. This is not impossible for Benjamin, after six years and a half of dialysis treatment, the irregularity in his legal papers for living in Belgium, and despite the existence of two potential living donor in his family When possible, a kidney transplant is the preferred treatment for kidney failure in terminal stage. This substantially improves the quality of life of patients compared to other treatments, hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. A transplant patient can expect to live between 2.5 and 3.8 times longer than if he had remained on dialysis. Five years after dialysis treatment from the start, only half of patients are still alive.
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